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Dog Door & Installation  

Hidden Pet Fence of NY Inc. is the premier provider of dog doors with Professional Installation. We provide professional dog door installations for all sizes of dogs and cats. In the outside door, through the wall- double flapped doggie door, and even inside for cats to go in the basement or particular parts of the home. We have basic flap door, "better" quality, and "Best" quality, using such brands as Pet Safe®, Ideal®, Hale®, & Plexidor®. We even offer insulated & energy efficient dog doors that save on energy cost. We are Rochester New York's best supplier for installed doggie doors.  No one in the industry can match the quality, and service we provide. NEW! Electronic dog doors.... Only opens for your pet, automatically, when it approaches the door with a clip on collar. Pictures and information are soon to come on this exciting new dog door!

Dog doors for harsh weather

Bad weather is, unfortunately, common in the Rochester area but don't fret because we have the dog door for you.  Our dog doors are designed to withstand all types of weather conditions as well as providing great energy efficiency (eco-friendly) along with a double flap feature that provides even more protection.

  • Structural foam plastic frame made specifically for doors that are 3/4" to 1-3/4" in thickness
  • Energy efficient double flap made from durable vinyl creates 3 inch air pocket for maximum insulation
  • The most durable dog door on the market today

This is the most common dog door we install. It is economical, but not cheap. The flaps are easily to get and replace. There are "cheaper" doors out there, and more expensive doors, but this one is our most commonly purchased.  


NOTE: Hidden Pet Fence in Rochester, NY is NOT affiliated with the Invisible Fence? Brand OR PetSafe? brand. We do however offer replacement batteries, service, dog training and parts for those brands. We are NOT authorized dealers for those companies.

Radio Fence? and Underground Fence? are Trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe? is the registered Trademark of Radio Systems? Corporation

Invisible Fence? is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc.


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