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Having the world’s best electronic dog fence is worthless without professional dog training; that said, training is the biggest reason that customers choose us for pet containment solutions. When our owner and IACP certified dog trainer Ralph Rizzo created this training process, it was quickly proven to veterinarians and dog owners as being unique.  

We start with the understanding of how dogs learn and process information. Dogs tell us in many ways how they are processing information, mainly with body language. As a dog trainer, we reward the dogs with plenty of praise and occasional treats. Dogs LOVE praise and treats, and this keeps their stress levels low while their brain is processing the information. While our training may seem boring and simply repetitive, the dogs are excited and happy while being trained to the hidden fence. We work on things over and over again, until it becomes an automatic or conditioned response.

What about SHOCK?

Our training levels are the LOWEST in the industry. Letting the dog hear and feel a tickle over and over again creates the condition response: "Hear and Feel = back up." Because our low "tickle" feeling does not startle, hurt or scare the dog, they learn NOT get scared. The tickling slowly becomes a scratch, then a pinch, then a harder pinch. Once we find the pinch that is slightly uncomfortable....the dog backs up....we repeat this condition response with lower levels until the dog backs up automatically. Stress FREE learning without pain.

What about my hyper puppy, or stubborn dog?

Although we train all dogs on the low levels like explained above, some dogs can be a bit more challenging. They are still taught the condition response while training with low levels and we find the proper level to be unpleasant. Time, patience and persistence are what we stick with. Sometimes we have to use our "TOUGH DOG" receiver collar or the Naughty Dog feature. Both are never used for training and rarely used for maintaining containment.

Unsure it will work with your dog? Not convinced yet?

How about if we offer you a money back guarantee? Will that give us a chance to prove ourselves? We are 100% successful keeping dogs in the yard with this great process.

Many dog owners have heard horror stories about dogs that get a hard shock and are scared to go outside or won’t leave the porch after purchasing a competitors' fence. We hear these and similar stories all the time from people who are reluctant to get a hidden fence. Then, on the other side of the situation, they hear that dogs just run right through the fence. We also hear these stories all of the time. It is usually when someone has a competitors dog fence system and their dog didn't receive the proper training. We simply don't run into this situation when we are training with our higher quality products. Occasionally, we have to make more training trips out for timid, stubborn, or hyper dogs, but the end result is always a safely trained and contained dog.

The IACP training certificat was awarded to Ralph Rizzo in December of 2009. This cetificate was obtained through a higher standards of training program offer through Radio Systems Corp, now the current owner of our compeditor, the Invisible Fence® brand. The trainers at the Invisible Fence® brand of Rochester NY are not IACP certified.

NOTE: Hidden Pet Fence in Rochester, NY is NOT affiliated with the Invisible Fence® Brand OR PetSafe® brand. We do however offer replacement batteries, service, dog training, and parts for those brands. We are NOT authorized dealers for those companies.

Radio Fence® and Underground Fence® are Trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe® is the registered Trademark of Radio Systems® Corporation

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc.

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