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There are many types of pet containment systems available to keep your dogs in the yard and we will help you choose which type and design is best for you and your puppy. We are a full service company for dog fencing which includes training your pet to the fence. We offer several types of systems:

State of the art "wall" technology underground dog fencing that works past the line

Traditional wired underground dog fences that use the "bubble" technology

Smart Phone applications that sync your phone with your dogs collar

GPS customizable wireless electric pet fences

Wireless garden/landscape protection

Wired garden/landscape protection

Wired & wireless indoor dog fences

Remote control activated collars

Bark control systems

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We do not sell our systems for DIY'ers because 60% of DIY'ers fail to properly install or train the dogs the fence on their own. We do not sell the circular wireless dog fences. We continue to test and moniter the technology that is currently being used with hopes that it get better. There are way too many issues with the wifi circular wireless pet fences in the industry today. 

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