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Replacement Battery for Invisible Fence Brand® Receiver Collar
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Does your Invisible Fence® brand collar receiver look like this? If so, then these are the batteries you need.


These batteries are high quality replacements for all R21, R22, R51 and the MicroLiteInvisible Fence® brand Computer Collars®. This is not the battery for the Hidden pet fence collars, Petsafe, PetStop, DogWatch, Dog Guard or Dog Fence brand system collars.

So, if your Invisible Fence® brand collar receiver looks like either of the ones below, regardless of color, then this is the compatible battery you need!

Please note, these batteries will only work with the Invisible Fence® brand collars pictured above -- NOT the Pet Stop® brand collars. Please, double check your brand of system before making a purchase. If you need Pet Stop® brand batteries, we sell those HERE.

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Manufactured USA China
Battery Type 3-Volt Lithium 3-Volt Lithium
Battery Life 3-4 Months 3-4 Months
Compatible With R21, R22, R51, MicroLite® R21, R22, R51, MicroLite®
Retail Price $9.99 Up to $19.99

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