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Remote systems

Hidden Pet Fence of Rochester, NY is happy to offer our customers remote controlled units with behavior modification training. Is you dog bothering you with excessive jumping, barking, digging or other negative behavior? Our specialized dog training program in conjunction with a remote system will help condition proper behavior. Another great thing customers like about this dog training system, is that it is portable. You can be sure your dog is behaving inside the home, outside, at the campgrounds, on vacation, even at the mother in-law's house. Where ever the dog is, the remote is there to keep everyone sane and happy. This is also a great puppy training solution.

Indoor systems

We also offer a wireless indoor Hidden Dog Fence system. This is a small system that creates a wireless "no-zone". This is great for blocking stairways and room entrances. We can also run a wire loop inside your home to zone off multiple areas. This tiny indoor fence unit is the most versatile in the market.

NOTE: Hidden Pet Fence in Rochester, NY is NOT affiliated with the Invisible Fence® Brand in Rochester, NY or the PetSafe® brand. We do however offer replacement Invisible Fence® Brand Batteries, service, dog training and parts for those brands. We are NOT authorized dealers for those companies.

Radio Fence® and Underground Fence® are Trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe® is the registered Trademark of Radio Systems® Corporation

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc.

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