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Products & Features

Hidden Pet Fence products are the most advanced and most human in the business at the cheapest cost -- made right here in the USA. We use products that are fully customizable to your dog and with numerous features, so you have the confidence your pet will not only be contained, but comfortable as well. Our superior products keep us leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors -- not just in terms of quality, but in affordability as well (lowest price guaranteed). We have listed some of of features here, but having us out for a free dog fence consultation will help you better understand what separates us from the Invisible fence® brand.

The top 3 things that people see about our hidden fence system that prove that we sell the best:

1- Wire corrosion warranty, up to a lifetime guarantee! Other companies do not have this peace of mind!

2- Call Back System- The collar work past the line! This is the number one feature that customers like about our product. This is why we offer a money back guarantee and we are 100% successful containing dogs. Other systems only work at the line, the dog runs past it and the collar turns off, and the dogs keep running...while ours continues to work and "call them back" into the yard.

3- Gentle spring contacts or rubber tipped contacts. Safer, more comfortable and gentler on the skin because they flex with the dogs movement. This helps prevent sore, irritated skin! Our referring veterinarians love this feature!

Hidden Pet Fence Collar Receiver

The smallest, lightest, fully customizable collar on the market. Your pet will hardly know it's there! Can be individually programmed and works with most pet containment transmitters. Hidden Pet Fence receivers are more advanced and have more features than any other receiver on the market, plus they are compatible with the Invisible fence® brand systems!

Comfort Contacts®
Uniquely designed probes to provide your pet with comfort and safety. No steel pins or abrasive metal. Only the comfort of soft rubber will touch your pet's neck.
Gentle Spring Probes

The Gentle Spring Contacts are spring-loaded steel collar probes. The retractable spring action applies the pressure, allowing the collar itself to be worn more comfortably by your dog.  The spring tension applied when worn is the perfect balance between effective contact and minimal skin pressure, making your system safer and more effective.

The whole collar weighs 1.1 oz. and has a patented correction system that adapts to your pets specific behavior.  This "artificial intelligence" will enable a very accurate and adjustable way of keeping your pet in the restricted areas of your choosing.  This can be programmed to work with many Pet Containment transmitters making it a compatible and easy to use system.

The  transmitter is like the expensive ones but without the high price that many dealers might try to hit you with.  This tranmitter is all about security:  Several different frequency settings are in place to solidify your Pet Fence system, making it unique to your (and only your) property.  With a patented correction system that can adapt to your pets specific behavior it quickly becomes clear to see that this is one advanced system especially for the low cost. (The Hidden Pet Fence compaany has hidden dog fence transmitters that is compatible with most brands including – Invisible Fenceâ, Dog Watchâ and Dog Guardâ Pet Stop®.)

No blind spots or "holes," because all our receivers incorporate THREE antennas ensuring full 360 degrees of signal detection.

No more guessing when to change the battery. Never purchase an expensive battery you don't need. This patented feature will flash brightly to alert you when the receiver battery needs changing.

Most products offer some sort of safety shut off, but only Pet Stop® products will shut off AND STAY OFF until your pet is free from the signal. Other products cycle on and off. Only with Pet Stop® receivers can you feel confident of maximum protection from continuous activation.

SmartReceiver® - Progressive Levels of Correction

Our receivers detect both how long your pet stays in the signal field and how deeply they enter it. The longer and deeper your pet is in the field, the higher the level of correction. This means your pets won't receive more correction than they deserve while maximum protection is still there when needed.

StayAway™ - Anti-Linger System

With some products, pets quickly learn that the warning signal has no consequence. Not with Pet Stop® receivers. Our receivers calculate the time your pet stays in the warning field and gradually increase the correction level until they retreat. This saves battery life and, more importantly, reinforces the initial training and conditioning.

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