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How Does Our Fence Compare To Other Fences?

Hidden Fence vs. Other Fences

Electronic Dog Fences vs. Standard Style Ground Fences?

The elephant in the room is going to be cost...

 Pricing fpr convetional style fencing starts around $2799 and can eisily go up to $5000 or more, installed for a half acre, installed for the backyard only. This starting price is an average price for metal fencing (links, rods) with one entry gate. Privacy fencing, Vinyl or even a rod iron type fence will greatly increase that cost, and in many cases, double the cost. Pet containment fencing's price is going to be less than 50% of that. if you go through us, PLUS we will do the front yard and the back yard for the same price 99.9% of the time! Thats right! we can also secure your front yard, to protect your dog from running out the front door or garage door, and runing out into the road. That is nearly impossible to do with chain link conventionl fencing.

Next up, let's talk maintenance...

If you mow your own lawn get ready for a headache.  Mowing, weed whacking, trimming the grass, etc. is going to be quite the choir when chain link or other styles of fences are installed in a yard. Between professional installation and a maintenance free wired setup, you won't waste anytime with upkeep when it comes to our system.  Our dog fence is installed securely underground and the wire needs no maintenance.  In other words, no obstructions between you and mowing your lawn perfectly.

Then there is the issue of security...

Dogs are resourceful.  Where there is a will (to escape) there is a way.  Jumping over or digging under many types of conventional fences (like ones made of vinyl) is commonplace with dogs.  Even if they don't escape you now have a major maintenance issue on your hand every time your dog tears up your landscaping trying to escape from the big hunk of metal surrounding your yard. When it comes to an electronic fence,  there is no leaping over it or tunneling under it. It is under the ground and "invisible", so there.  Your dog will absolutely stay in the yard with an escape-free system like this.

Also, if you have a traditional style above-ground fence with entry ways like gates then you stand the risk of leaving that gate open by accident and thus leaving a wide open "escape route" for you dog.  With an underground electronic fence there is no more "forgetting to close the gate" problem that can continue to arise from family members with "short term memory problems" ;)

Paperwork? None needed

No permit needed, no association approval needed (most cases) and no issue with the city or towns

How do Wireless Dog Fences Compare To Wired Dog Fences?

Simply put, you are getting a much more reliable system with an underground dog fence.  Wireless systems are bunk.  They are considered the "poor man's dog fence" and with good reason: POOR QUALITY.

Compatibility with a yard style is another "plus" for underground dog fences but a "minus" for wireless dog fences.

Specific parts of the yard (such as the backyard) may be off limits to your dog but others aren't.  With an underground wired pet containment system restricted areas can be customized and shaped (the wire under the ground) to your restriction needs, something a wireless pet containment system CAN'T do.

A wireless dog fence works like this: An invisible circular boundary in the form of a perfect circle is created around a central power unit (transmitting station). circular landscapes don't seem to be common so this is useless when it comes to matching an electronic dog fence to your landscape.  Straight edges at multiple angles need to be taken into consideration when thinking about installing an electric dog fence to an area outside of a person’s home.  This is yet another way wireless dog fences fail.

Imprecise boundaries with random, unreliable signal fluctuations is what you get with a wireless dog fence. A wireless dog fence system's signal can interfere with other electrical signals such as microwaves and radios. This can confuse the dog creating a more difficult training session.  Our underground dog fence has a strong signal that does not interfere with any other signal or obstacle in and around your home.

Here are three reasons why someone would want to avoid a wireless dog containment fence setup:  Large collars that are uncomfortable on a dog , corrections (shock) that can't be adjusted, and batteries with short life spans.  Our collars are comfortable, the corrections are adjustable (for all sizes of dogs) and our batteries keep on going.

So, what is the reason to purchase a wireless dog fence? Why are these inefficient systems that can harm your dog even available on the market? They are cheap.  That’s it.  Here at Hidden Pet Fence we do not believe in using wireless dog systems for the reasons mentioned.  Is your dog's well being really worth a few bucks saved?  Didn't think so.

Underground dog fences (in-ground) are the choice dog fence type for most dog owners and dog lovers.  With a boundary wire, our fence comes in customizable forms meeting your restriction needs; A humane and safe way to contain your dog.  The first warning is just beeps that will help condition your dog to be mindful of the system.  As the dog gets closer to the boundary limit, a correction (shock).

An underground dog fence signal is strong and constant without interference from any other signals that may be coming from a home’s appliances such as the microwave, mobile phones, etc.  Wireless dog fences are notorious for malfunctioning do to these home appliance signals.  Even certain structures made of metal (refrigerators, water heaters, siding, etc.) can disrupt a wireless dog fence’s signal but not an underground dog fence which keeps a strong and stable signal regardless of the surrounding obstructions.

Underground dog fences are reliable and wireless dog fences are not reliable, they’re just cheap that’s all.

When it comes to purchasing a dog fence that is invisible it’s best to go with an in-ground system.  Thinking about using a wireless dog fence because of cost concerns? In that case, you are probably better off just building a picket fence around your property instead.  That will save you money and do a better job than a wireless fencing system.

If you want a quality hidden pet containment system then go with an underground electric dog fence.

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