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Here are the most common questions we get asked about our service…

What is an electronic hidden dog fence?

A wire is installed around the property and hooked up to a computer box that is usually installed inside. This box sends a digital signal around the wire. Your dog is fitted with a customized receiver collar that beeps as a warning when they are close to the boundary. A professional trainer will teach your dog condition response training so they retreat back into the contained area. The settings that the dogs will feel after the warning beeps (if they don’t retreat) are set very low and slowly raised higher as training proceeds. Usually, in 15 to 30 min, our trainer will have your dog responding to the electronic dog fence. We will then customize the training plan that we will do after the first training. In most cases, we ask that you just walk the dog around the yard several times a day, reinforcing the containment area. You don’t change the settings or train. We mainly ask that you walk them around the yard. Most dogs are trained and off-leash in 1-2 weeks. Please see the training page for a more in-depth training explanation.

When my pet gets near the fence boundary, what happens?

Our professionally installed dog fence has a warning beep zone and then a static correction zone. The feelings start as a tickle to a scratch, to an annoying pinch feeling. All adjusted to the dog’s temperament. The training teaches them to back up to turn off the sound and feeling.

Will my dog get a shock from the fence that hurts him?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions about electronic dog fences. Our pet fence system has settings from very low to very high. You can tune the collar to what gets their attention without startling or scaring them. We will not hurt your dog. The levels are started very low and slowly raised. The repetitive process is what helps them learn. Many dog fence trainers use a system where the “low” setting on their dog fence collar is too high, and that’s when dogs get frightened. Ours is the lowest in the pet containment industry. For stubborn dogs, we may need higher settings and we determine that while training.

What if my dog is too stubborn, big or fast, will a dog fence keep them in the fence?

Yes, and we offer a money-back guarantee! This is the biggest failure in the pet containment industry. Dogs get excited and run right through the fence. That is because almost all electronic dog fences react at the line only. When the dogs are running, the dog fence collar shuts off after crossing the line. Our professional-grade collars have our Endless Boundary feature that will continue to work past the line. The dogs are trained to come back to the “safe area.” Even the most stubborn of dogs stay in our hidden pet fencing system!

Can I have my pet in the back yard or front yard only?

Yes. We will design a system that fits your needs. Multiple zones in and outside are customized for you.

My friend has an Invisible Fence® brand fence from another company. Will your system work with theirs?

Yes, in most cases, we can program our collars to work on other fence systems AND other collars can work on our system. We can also repair any Invisible Fence® brand system and many customers buy our replacement batteries and collars from us.

What are DM, FM and AM signals, and what do you use?

The industry is filled with China-made AM and FM low-grade signals. We use DM (digital modulation) which is the highest grade signal that can be used. Unlike other companies’ collars, ours will not shock your dog because of interference.

You service Albany, Rochester and Elmira in New York, what if I move out of state?

You are going with a local company with Hidden Pet Fence, and the electronics are manufactured in the US by PetStop. We have a nationwide dealer network. We can give you the contact information of the dealer in your new area. They will continue the warranty on your product for you.

Are there wireless dog fence systems or indoor fence systems available?

Yes! Indoor wireless dog fence systems are very useful and inexpensive. We can keep your dogs away from the garbage, furniture, or create a “no zone” in virtually any area you need and program your dog’s Hidden Pet Fence collar to work inside!

Can I adjust the shock levels with your system?

Yes. Our collars offer the widest range of adjustments in the area. Small, timid dogs and puppies may use a gentle static correction while stubborn dogs may need a higher level. All the installed pet fences that we offer include collars with adjustments YOU can change.

Why haven't I heard of your company like I have heard of the Invisible Fence® brand?

Ever heard of Scott tissues or Puffs brand facial tissues? We bet you call it a Kleenex. Sometimes one BRAND name is thought of as the product. Invisible Fence® is a brand name for pet containment systems. Our products are made in the USA and have more settings for timid and stubborn dogs than the other guys. Our service and safe dog training are by far the main reason our customers choose us over them.

How do I know when the batteries in your tiny collar need to be changed?

A low battery indicator light will flash when the battery needs to be changed. You get over a week’s notice when they are getting low.

Will underground fencing work on my small dog?

Yes. Hidden Pet Fence offers the smallest collars in the area! The settings are also the lowest available and are adjustable for small dogs.

Do you have to cross my driveway?

The layout is customizable, so we can avoid your driveway if necessary. This is something to discuss with your sales representative during your free estimate. We will always recommend having a protective boundary in case your dog runs out of the garage door. When we do cross a driveway, it is nothing more than a groove that the wire lays within and is sealed with a tar compound. In the end, it will be a thin black line about the thickness of a pencil that is flush with the driveway.

How deep is the wire?

In most yards, we bury the wire with a specialized machine wherever possible. This machine is designed to bury the wire 3-6 inches into the ground. There are many factors that contribute to the depth of the wire, such as roots or rocks. If you have heavily wooded or rocky areas, we may need to hand lay the wire. This is something your sales representative and installer will discuss with you.

What if I get another dog?

Your Hidden Pet Fence can have multiple pets on one system. Each collar will have separate settings tailored to each dog’s needs. Please call the office to order a collar and set up training for your new pet!

Is the collar waterproof?

Yes! All of our receiver collars are waterproof, so your dogs can play outside in all weather conditions.

I already have an above ground fence, can a Hidden Pet Fence be installed to stop the dog from jumping over it?

Absolutely. This is a common problem that tons of dog owners encounter. A Hidden Pet Fence is the best solution to keep your dogs in. Whether they jump over, dig under, or run through the gate of the standard fence, we can put a stop to this issue by installing our wire just on the inside of the above-ground fence and training the dogs to stay inside the boundaries.

My yard has a lot of obstacles, can an electric dog fence still be installed?

Of course! Your sales representative will address any concerns you may have and come up with a solution. Our professional installers have seen it all and worked through countless obstacles including creeks, retaining walls, elaborate garden beds, and much more.

I want my dog to stay out of my garden, can a Hidden Pet Fence do that?

Yes, and we do it all the time! We can design your underground fence in a way that your dogs have freedom of the yard, but stay away from garden beds, bodies of water, or other unwanted areas. We do this by creating additional loops inside the perimeter loop. Please consult with your sales representative for more information.

What happens to the fence if the power goes out?

We recommend using a second form of containment during a power outage. If you experience frequent power loss, please consider purchasing one of our battery backup units.

How old does my puppy need to be to use a Hidden Pet Fence?

We start our professional training with puppies as young as 11 weeks old! Our training is safe and effective for young pups.

What if it doesn’t work?

We have a 100% success rate in keeping dogs contained. We achieve this by offering the best products and the best training. We also offer a money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.

How much does a Hidden Pet Fence cost?

There are many factors that play a role in the cost of an underground fencing system. With a free estimate, a Hidden Pet Fence professional will come to your home to do measurements and evaluate your needs. Lot size, obstacles in the yard, number of dogs and a few other things will factor into your pricing options. We offer multiple package options and financing plans to meet your financial needs.

How can I stop my dogs from chewing on each other's collars?

Dog chews can damage the electronics inside your dog’s fence collar. One recommendation that we have to avoid this issue is putting a coat of bitter “no bite” polish on the cover of the electronic box on the collar. This is made for humans to help deter them from nail biting and the bitter taste is just as useful for dogs! The brand that we have experience with is “Mavala Stop Nail Alert”. Whatever brand you use, be sure to check the ingredients to ensure it is non-toxic to dogs!

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Client Testimonials

Danielle Ballard - Rochester, NY

"My husband and I have been extremely pleased with Ralph and his staff at Hidden Pet Fence. Everyone has been exceptionally easy to work with, and when behavioral issues arose unrelated to the pet fence, Ralph helped to guide us to a trainer that can help us! We would recommend Hidden Pet Fence to anyone!"

Bethany Henderson - Rochester, NY

"We loved working with this company. The fence they sold us in 1999 still works, and the 2 new puppies recently were trained to the system seamlessly, in just a week. The service Ralph gives is still wonderful even though he has grown so much since our original purchase. Great job."

Jason Pignagrande - Pittsford, NY

"Ralph and Hidden Pet Fence have installed the there fence at two of my houses now. The price was very fair and the crew was professional. They even came back out the service my fence right away when I had a landscaping mishap! Jason"