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Indoor Avoidance for Pets

Is your dog getting on furniture, into garbage cans, or eating stuff from the cat litter pan? Do you have an area, or room that you don’t want your dog to go into? This is something we can help with. Training a dog to understand that those areas are off-limits is very easy and affordable! We can run a wire through the house in the basement or use a freestanding “No!” zone to stop them from entering any area you choose.

  • Keep them off the furniture
  • Keep them away from the cat’s area
  • Keep them off the counters
  • Keep them out of the trash
  • Keep them out of rooms, stairs, and hallways
Wireless Indoor Dog Fencing and Pet Fences

We offer a wireless indoor Hidden Dog Fence system. This is a small system that creates a wireless “stay away” zone (not a containment zone). This is a great way to block a small area such as a stairway, a small room or just the entrance to a room. However, the most common uses for the wireless fence is to keep the dogs away from the garbage can, the cat pan, or from jumping up and eating off the kitchen counters (counter surfing).

Indoor Wired Pet Fences

Want to zone off multiple areas with one unit? We can also run a wire loop inside your home to cover multiple areas. In most cases, the unit is mounted in the basement, we run a pet fencing wire in the ceiling of the basement, and the dog fence signal travels through the floor and into the areas above that need to be avoided. This tiny indoor pet fence unit is the most versatile in the market. It can be used as a wired or wireless dog fence inside your home.

CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube video explaining the indoor pet fencing process.


NOTE: Hidden Pet Fence in Albany, NY is NOT affiliated with the Invisible Fence® brand in Albany, NY or the PetSafe® brand. We do however offer replacement Invisible Fence® brand batteries, service, dog training, and parts for those brands. We are NOT authorized dealers for those companies. We are still serving all Pet Stop® clients.

Radio Fence® and Underground Fence® are Trademarks of Radio Systems Corporation.

PetSafe® is the registered Trademark of Radio Systems® Corporation

Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence Inc.

The Fosters from Conesus, NY

“Our new retriever puppies were having a hard time potty training and we were doing everything we could to keep them off of the carpet. We had multiple baby gates and it was very unpleasant. We already knew we were getting an invisible fence installed by Hidden Pet Fence, and when the representative came in to discuss everything she mentioned doing an indoor install to take down the gates. We were sold right away! Their install technician did an amazing job wiring everything in the basement so we didn’t have to see any sign of the fence upstairs at all. And the dogs know exactly where they can and can not go thanks to the training. We are very happy with this purchase.”

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Client Testimonials

Danielle Ballard - Rochester, NY

"My husband and I have been extremely pleased with Ralph and his staff at Hidden Pet Fence. Everyone has been exceptionally easy to work with, and when behavioral issues arose unrelated to the pet fence, Ralph helped to guide us to a trainer that can help us! We would recommend Hidden Pet Fence to anyone!"

Bethany Henderson - Rochester, NY

"We loved working with this company. The fence they sold us in 1999 still works, and the 2 new puppies recently were trained to the system seamlessly, in just a week. The service Ralph gives is still wonderful even though he has grown so much since our original purchase. Great job."

Jason Pignagrande - Pittsford, NY

"Ralph and Hidden Pet Fence have installed the there fence at two of my houses now. The price was very fair and the crew was professional. They even came back out the service my fence right away when I had a landscaping mishap! Jason"