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How Does Our Hidden Pet Fence Compare To Other Fences?

Our Hidden Pet Fence system compared to the Invisible Fence® brand

We really want folks to understand that we are a full-service company when it comes to keeping your dogs safe! The professionals of Hidden Pet Fence won’t just install a fence and then leave you to it. We also include training for your adult dogs and puppies.

Here are the top reasons customers have shared as to why they chose us over the other options:

·We have been locally owned for over 30 years, since 1992! We are NOT a franchise.

·Your dog will be trained using IACP (International Association of Canine Professionals) certified training process. 

·Unlimited training for your dogs is provided with all Pro packages.

·We have specialized training protocols for timid and stubborn dogs.

·We have a 100% success rate including extremely stubborn dogs.

·Local veterinarians and pet professionals use and recommend us.

·We have a full office staff with 6 full-time employees.

·Our warranties are backed NATIONWIDE!

In addition to these qualities, we are also able to install your fence earlier than you can expect from the other guys. We are typically only booked out 1-2 weeks for installs, while Invisible Fence® will have you waiting for several months.

Take a moment to look at the charts below to compare us with the Invisible Fence® brand.  

 CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube video explaining why you should choose Hidden Pet Fence!

Why Choose Us (BG)

Hidden Pet Fence Endless Boundary

Endless Boundary
Our Endless Boundary technology activates the collar not just at the line but also beyond.

The collar continues to activate if the dog runs past the wire, meaning they are given a constant reminder to break their concentration from whatever motivated them to test the boundary.

During training, your dog learns that they must retreat to the yard as their safe space. The Endless Boundary puts an end to dogs “breaking through” the fence by giving an extended reminder to come back to the yard. We are so sure this will stop your dog, we back it up with a money back guarantee!

Hidden Pet Fence is the only company that offers complete customization of your boundaries. We can use distance or time settings, as well as control how wide or narrow the boundary is, to the needs of your yard and your dogs.

Traditional Dog Fence Systems

THREE DOWNSIDES of the other guys’ fence
  1. Your dogs can run past the activation zone and continue to run.
  2. When your dog runs past the line and tries to come home, the fence keeps them from returning.
  3. You lose 5-8 feet around your whole yard.
  4. With other brands, your dog can run past and can’t walk home.

How it works: Most dog fence systems create
an activation zone around the wire. This means there are a few feet on either side of the wire where the collar activates. Anytime the dog is outside of the activation zone, including outside of your yard, the collar shuts off, leaving room for error.

This is commonly the only type of setting available with other companies. Hidden Pet Fence offers better solutions, especially for stubborn dogs.

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What’s the Difference Between our Underground Dog Fences and Conventional Style Above Ground Fences?

problems with chain link fence for dogs
Stop Dog from digging under fence
Stop dog from escaping from gate

Invisible Fencing by Hidden Pet Fence of NY vs. Traditional Above Ground Fences

  1. Dogs can jump over or dig under a regular above ground fence
  2. The front door and garage doors are not protected. Dogs get out the door and run out of the yard
  3. Gates can be left open by kids, friends, or family which lets the dogs escape out of the fenced area
  4. Weed whacking around the whole above-ground fence is time-consuming
  5. Cost – is definitely the biggest reason.

Pricing for conventional above-ground chain link fencing starts at about $6000 for a 1/4 acre backyard only. This starting price is an average price for chain link dog fencing including links, rods, and one entry gate.

Our installed underground fence is less than half that cost.

Privacy fencing, vinyl fencing, wood fencing, or even a rod iron type fence will greatly increase that cost. In many cases, the cost can be over $20,000.

Our prices for invisible fencing are going to be less than 50% of that.

When you purchase a Hidden Pet Fence we do the back yard AND the front yard for the same price 99.9% of the time! That’s right! We can also secure your front yard, to protect your dog from running out the front door or garage door, and running out into the road. That is nearly impossible to do with chainlink or conventional dog fencing.

If you mow your own lawn get ready for a headache.  Mowing, weed whacking, trimming the grass, etc. are going to be quite the chore when a chainlink fence or other styles of fences are installed in a yard. Between professional installation and a maintenance-free wired setup, you won’t waste any time with upkeep when it comes to our system.

Our dog fence is installed securely underground and the wire needs no maintenance.  In other words, no obstructions between you and mowing your lawn perfectly.

Dogs are resourceful. Where there is a will (to escape) there is a way. Jumping over or digging under many types of conventional fences (like ones made of vinyl) is common with dogs. Even if they don’t escape, you now have a major maintenance issue on your hand every time your dog tears up your landscaping trying to escape from the big hunk of metal surrounding your yard. When it comes to an electronic fence,  there is no leaping over it or tunneling under it. Your dog will absolutely stay in the yard with an escape-free system like this.

Also, if you have a traditional style above-ground fence with entryways like gates, you stand the risk of leaving that gate open by accident and thus leaving a wide-open “escape route” for your dog. With an underground electronic fence, there is no more “forgetting to close the gate” problem that can continue to arise.

No permit is needed, no association approval is needed (in most cases) and no issue with the city or towns for our underground invisible fencing.

CLICK HERE to watch a short YouTube video detailing underground fencing vs. traditional fencing.

GPS collar chart pdf-cropped

Are you thinking about trying the wireless Halo® or SpotOn® GPS collar in Rochester, NY?

We tried them so you don’t have to!

Over the years, the team at Hidden Pet Fence has tested countless GPS dog fence systems and have been less than impressed. Even the professional grade systems do not compare to the reliability of a wired system. Customers ask all the time about the ads they see on social media with different GPS collars such as the Halo® and SpotOn®. We decided to give them a shot and found many concerns that we want you to be aware of before spending $1000 or more. Please see the information below that we gathered while testing out the Halo® GPS collar and SpotOn® GPS collar.


The Halo® GPS collar makes a HUGE first impression with its massive size, weighing in at nearly half a pound! The collar is thick with electronics and is a solid semi-circle that wraps around half of the dog’s neck. On a small or medium size dog, it resembles more of a neck brace than a collar. Setting up the boundaries was difficult with an underdeveloped phone application. Once set up, the collar activation was all over the place. The Halo® instructions were followed meticulously, and we still experienced collar activation 20 feet in front of the set “boundary”, 35 feet after the boundary (in the street) and even further with activation inside of the building. This type of fluctuation is extremely unreliable and unsafe. We reached out to customer support for guidance and received an auto response saying they would get back to us in 1-3 days. The battery life of this collar is 24 hours, meaning you must charge it every day. To continue using the Halo® app and collar, you must pay for a monthly subscription.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video discussing our experience with the Halo® GPS collar


The SpotOn® GPS collar has a few differences from the Halo® collar, with the same concept and similar reliability. The SpotOn® collar is even wider than the Halo®, however it does have a little bit more flexibility. The weight of this collar is also just under half a pound. Setting up the boundaries with SpotOn® was equally as difficult as the Halo®. The boundary fluctuation wasn’t quite as prominent as the Halo® collar, but still was off by up to 20 feet in some areas. The battery life of the SpotOn® collar is a bit less than the Halo®, lasting 12-18 hours. Similar to the Halo® collar, there is a monthly subscription fee you must pay to keep your fence system active.

CLICK HERE to watch a short video about our experience with the SpotOn® collar.

In conclusion, here at Hidden Pet Fence we do not recommend any retail GPS system. As pet professionals, our #1 priority is the safety of your pets. Due to the sporadic activation of the Halo® GPS collar and SpotOn® GPS collar, your pet’s safety cannot be guaranteed. A professional grade wired fence system from Hidden Pet Fence will not only guarantee containment of your dog, you will also receive the many benefits that our local company offers.

How do other wireless pet containment systems compare to a wired system?

Simply put, you are getting a much more reliable system with our underground electric dog fence. Wireless systems are bunk. They are considered to be the most expensive way to fail at keeping your pet safe. The quality and reliability of wireless pet containment are just bad. Interference, random collar activation, inconsistent boundaries, and dogs running away is, in our opinion, a big failure. Wireless technology for pet fencing is still unreliable.

Compatibility with a yard style is another “plus” for underground dog fences but a “minus” for wireless dog fences. Wireless pet containment systems create a circle. In many cases, the circle allows the dog into the neighbor’s yards but not to their own backyard. The corners of the backyard are fully cut off from the circular boundary on wireless dog fences. Very few yards are circular. Our wired fence systems are customized to the shape of your yard. We maximize the space that you want your dog to have.

A wireless dog fence works like this: A circular boundary in the form of a perfect circle is created around a central power unit (transmitting station). Circular landscapes don’t seem to be common so this is useless when it comes to matching an electronic dog fence to your landscape.  Straight edges at multiple angles need to be taken into consideration when thinking about installing an electric invisible dog fence to an area outside of a person’s home.  This is yet another way wireless dog fences fail.

Inconsistent boundaries with random, unreliable signal fluctuations are what you get with a wireless dog fence. A wireless dog fence system’s signal can interfere with other electrical signals such as microwaves and radios. This can confuse the dog creating a more difficult training session.  Our underground dog fence has a strong signal that does not interfere with any other signal or obstacle in or around your home.

Here are three reasons why someone would want to avoid a wireless dog containment fence setup:  Large collars that are uncomfortable on a dog, corrections (shock) that can’t be adjusted, and batteries with short life spans.  Our collars are comfortable, the corrections are adjustable (for all sizes of dogs) and our batteries keep on going.

An underground dog fence signal is strong and constant without interference from any other signals that may be coming from a home’s appliances such as the microwave, mobile phones, etc.  Wireless dog fences are notorious for malfunctioning due to these home appliance signals.  Even certain structures made of metal (refrigerators, water heaters, siding, etc.) can disrupt a wireless dog fence’s signal but not an underground dog fence which keeps a strong and stable signal, regardless of the surrounding obstructions.

So, what is the reason to purchase a wireless dog fence? Why are these inefficient systems that can harm your dog even available on the market? They are cheap.  That’s it.  Here at Hidden Pet Fence, we do not believe in using wireless dog systems for the reasons mentioned.

If you want a quality hidden pet containment system then go with our underground electric dog fence.


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Client Testimonials

Danielle Ballard - Rochester, NY

"My husband and I have been extremely pleased with Ralph and his staff at Hidden Pet Fence. Everyone has been exceptionally easy to work with, and when behavioral issues arose unrelated to the pet fence, Ralph helped to guide us to a trainer that can help us! We would recommend Hidden Pet Fence to anyone!"

Bethany Henderson - Rochester, NY

"We loved working with this company. The fence they sold us in 1999 still works, and the 2 new puppies recently were trained to the system seamlessly, in just a week. The service Ralph gives is still wonderful even though he has grown so much since our original purchase. Great job."

Jason Pignagrande - Pittsford, NY

"Ralph and Hidden Pet Fence have installed the there fence at two of my houses now. The price was very fair and the crew was professional. They even came back out the service my fence right away when I had a landscaping mishap! Jason"