Comfort Contact Rubber Probe Tips (1 Pair)

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Comfort Contact Rubber Probe Tips (1 Pair)



One pair of soft rubber tips. Fits any Hidden Pet Fence or Invisible Fence® brand collar.

The comfort contacts cushion your pet’s neck with soft rubber. The rubber provides a softer, more comfortable touch to the hard steel probe contacts on the collar. Veterinarians prefer the softness of the comfort contacts to help prevent skin irritation. We recommend tip be changed on an annual basis. Includes one pair of rubber tips ONLY — actual probes are NOT included. The probes are a special probe that this rubber tip slides on. You must have the proper probe for the rubber tips. If your probes do not already have the rubber tips, please order the rubber probe and tip set. The probe set will work on all Invisible Fence® brand systems ans all Hidden Pet Fence systems.

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